Dienstag, September 23, 2014
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Drummers Camp Sardinia In autumn 2014, the third Tom Beck Drummers Camp will be staged in Sardinia. The exquisite island near the coast of Italy offers almost everything anyone could desire for an unforgettable stay. An outstanding climate, beaches with crystal clear water, beautiful landscapes und numerous culinary delights. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy all of these things in their adequate free time. Special fringe events will also be planned. Read the Full Story
Tom Beck For many years, Tom Beck has been successfully working as a drummer mainly in Europe. During this time, he has acquired a first class reputation as a live and studio musician in Switzerland, England, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, USA and Mexico. He has worked with the following (excerpt): Paul Camilleri (GB), Lilly Martin (USA), Philipp Fankhauser, DJBobo, Gölä, Florian Ast, Jammin', Read the Full Story
Drummers Mag Dummers Mag introduces Tom Beck‘s world – a multifaceted and interactive realm. Featuring stunning video, incredible photography and interactive content, this is a truly immersive and fascinating experience not to be missed.
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Drummers Camp Sardinia 2014

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