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Remote Drum Recording - Get your drum track today!

Remote drum recording

Tom Beck Remote Recording offers the perfect solution for great-sounding, professionally played drum tracks. Tom Beck Recording is a premier recording studio designed exclusively for recording acoustic drums. There is no need to rent a recording studio, sound engineer and drummer, as everything is offered under one roof. The workflow is simple: the producer uploads the songs to the Tom Beck Recording server via the Internet. Then, tailor-made drum tracks are recorded by Tom Beck in first-class studio quality and edited if desired. At the end, the corresponding data is loaded back onto the server and the customer imports the separate tracks into his recording software for further processing.

All drum tracks are recorded without EQs, compressors or other plug-ins. The instruments sound outstanding even without the use of these tools. In addition, the elaborate miking ensures optimal channel separation.


Countless software is now available on the market to bypass drums played live. However, these tools can never "feel" themselves into a song and must be programmed appropriately by non-drummers. Proper drum programming usually takes much more time than live drum parts. In addition, a perfectly played drum set gives a song much more energy and life than programmed grooves. Nevertheless, both working methods have their justification, depending on the direction of production.


Every recording room has different sound characteristics. In order to record perfect-sounding drums, the drum kit would have to be equipped with the right skins for the recording room and specifically tuned to the room. Most of the time, this time cannot be spent due to the production budget. This often results in compromise solutions. At Tom Beck Recording, the drums are recorded in a 60 m2 room! The drum set was perfectly positioned, optimally tuned to the room acoustics and miked accordingly. This process alone took several weeks. Apart from the selection and testing of the technical components.
Scheduling and budgeting also speak in favor of outsourcing the drum recordings to Tom Beck: When a drummer is booked for a studio session, a day for travel, setup, positioning of the drums, miking and sound check usually goes by without a song being recorded. In addition, the appointments must be coordinated with everyone involved (studio, sound engineer, drummer). This is often complicated since most recording studios are busy with heavy production.

The time and money required for Tom Beck Recording is much less than for a conventional production: equipment and instruments are permanently installed and wired, which means that there is no unnecessary effort (and thus costs) for the set-up of drums and studio equipment. You can work productively immediately. Since only one person is compensated financially, the costs are even lower than for a conventional recording session.

Since the recording is made by the drummer, i.e. the specialist, the producer can count on a perfect result. After all, every professional drummer wants to deliver the perfect drum part! It doesn't matter to the client how long it takes, as Tom Beck Recording charges a flat rate per song and not according to effort (prices by arrangement).


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Ask today for your ultimate drum track! Ask for your ultimate drum track today!

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