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"MoRhythm - drums and percussion for people of all ages, with and without disabilities"


Why are there only rarely people with a  in music schools during regular school operations?seeing impairment? Aren't these people musical or even incapable? Im Opposite! Musicality is very pronounced in many people with disabilities, or at least no less than everyone else. For people with disabilities, music lessons often take the form of music therapy offered. We consider it important to provide these people with forms of music education to offer, in which both encouragement and demands are made. Lessons, development takes place and something is worked out together. Lessons of how for everyone else too, takes place in the music school. Music is a personal expression of cultural life. Music promotes and challenges, favored Development steps, inspires, motivates and is fun.


The most original form of music is rhythm. Playing a rhythm instrument does not require any special motor skills. A small movement already creates a tone. Percussion instruments are therefore equally suitable for everyone. «It is always amazing to see what happens to the participants who together play percussion instruments in a group. What exactly with the people what happens is difficult to describe without appearing esoteric. The fact is that playing of percussion instruments is emotional and all participants Inhibitions are broken down and joie de vivre is activated. Something happens there very quirky." –Tom Beck


MoRhythm is intended to give participants easy access to the world of music by playing rhythm instruments. In connection with the Drummer's Camp Sardinia, we have developed our own teaching methods and applications over the last 10 years, which we know work. The idea of integration, which takes place automatically through attending a public music school, is also important. Projects with other students in the music school offer opportunities for development and an exchange of experiences.

course content

• Learning and playing various percussion instruments such as cajon, shaker and tambourine involving body and voice (entry into the basic techniques)

• Drum circles

• Practicing timing and rhythms

• Improving coordination skills

• Collaborative, interactive work

• Get inspired, grow and have fun.




60 minutes per week (18 lessons per semester)

Course start: beginning of the semester


course costs:


4 to 6 participants: CHF 360.-/per person and semester

from 7 participants: CHF 280.-/per person and semester

Note: In addition to group lessons, individual lessons in percussion are also possible

and drums can be visited. Duration: regular 30 or 40 minutes.


Eveline Mayer

Special pedagogue EDK, qualified movement pedagogue, Lecturer in Ergonomics at Drummer's Camp Sardinia

Tom Beck

Drummer at DJBobo, Lilly Martin, Drummer's Camp Sardinia, drum teacher at the Tom Beck drum school and music school Oberland Ost.


house of music

Mittengrabenstrasse 24

3800 Interlaken

+41 33 822 46 31

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